Mini Noah's Ark Wood Book Set With Bookends for 18" Dolls for American Girl Dolls

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Dollie Dreams - Custom 18" Doll Boutique Items For Doll Content Creators

Not just for the nursery, this set of three books with Noah's Ark bookends is the perfect size for American Girl dolls. Stack on a table, place on top of other furniture, or turn the bookends sideways and paint the exposed surface like the spine of a book for a five book set on a bookshelf. You can even get multiple sets and arrange the books by color to create the formal library look!

If you are creating a historical look, this will pair well with themes like Little House on the Prairie.


Three wooden books, one with an attached dove in a nest
Two Noah's Ark bookends

Tips for Filmmakers, Photographers or Doll Content Creators: Use to create interest in medium to high places, or scatter on a table or the floor while it is in use by your dolls. Pair with pencil and paper to create a study scene, or have your doll check them out of the library and carry home in a tote bag, satchel or backpack!

Genre: Rustic/historical/modern

Style: Country/baby/scholastic

Color Family: Neutral

Holiday/Season: School/Year Round