Mini Angel Snow Globe for Dolls with Secret Compartment for 18" American Girl Dolls

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Dollie Dreams - Custom 18" Doll Boutique Items For Doll Content Creators

This is an adorable little snow globe - just the right size for an 18" doll. It also has a secret compartment under the globe that is just right for a little love note, a tiny key or some other micro treasure. Your doll will enjoy this little piece of wintertime year round - like a pocketful of Christmas.

There is a small bubble in the globe.


2 piece snow globe

Tips for Filmmakers, Photographers or Doll Content Creators: With the right music, this little item can pack a big emotional punch - memories of a special gift, a special occasion, or a special someone - especially with the secret compartment. Be sure to experiment with backlighting it to get maximum sparkle from the snow glitter inside!

Genre: Modern

Style: Seasonal

Color Family: Cool

Holiday/Season: Christmas/Winter