18" Doll Bedding Embroidered Quilt with Coordinating Pillows and Wreath Fits American Girl Dolls

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Dollie Dreams - Custom 18" Doll Boutique Items For Doll Content Creators

Your doll will have sweet dreams with this soft, embroidered and quilted bedspread with a flat sheet, three pillows, wreath and heart shaped rug. It is equally at home in the country or in a cabin, with or without a fluffy purring cat sprawled on top.

To make your room look pulled together, hang the wreath on the wall or place in a decorative dish or bowl on top of a dresser if wall space is limited.

If you are creating a historical look, this will pair well with themes like Little House on the Prairie.


Quilted cotton bedspread
Ivory flat sheet
Ivory pillow with pillowcase
Ivory acrylic pillow
Quilted heart pillow
Quilted heart shaped rug

Tips for Filmmakers, Photographers or Doll Content Creators: Use side lighting to show off the quilting and embroidery on the pillows.

Genre: Rustic/historical

Style: Country

Color Family: Neutral

Holiday/Season: Winter/Year Round