Doll or Puppet Theater Curtain Backdrop Burgundy Ruched Taffeta

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Dollie Dreams - Custom 18" Doll Boutique Items For Doll Content Creators

Made from ruched burgundy taffeta, this one of a kind theater curtain can be used for dolls or puppets, or even for room decor! For Christmas pageants, plays, theater performances, ballets or puppet shows, this gorgeous curtain will take your production right over the top! The top hanging pocket accommodates closet poles with room to spare.

See it in action in the video link - it was featured in the Perfect Ten Instagram Photo Contest Awards Ceremony.


One curtain with top hanging pocket

Tips for Filmmakers, Photographers or Doll Content Creators: Light from below for a realistic theater look, and light the stage separately behind the curtain. Use a backdrop holder for best results, adding in black curtains on each side if you will be using an extra wide letterbox format.

Genre: Theater

Style: Bohemian/artsy

Color Family: Cool

Holiday/Season: Christmas/year round