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Welcome to Dollie Dreams - the doll boutique for doll filmmakers and photographers

Do you love dolls as much as we do? We long to escape into that beautiful miniature world where everything is happy and perfect. Here you'll find the perfect little treasures for your doll's dream world, from clothing and accessories to furniture and decor, to make the world that your doll dreams of!

Especially for doll filmmakers and photographers from the AGIG and AGTube communities, we offer you what you need to make your doll photos and videos special!

Ellen Sheets

Recycling and Upcycling

At Dollie Dreams, we care about minimizing waste. Many of the items we sell are reclaimed, recycled or upcycled from thrift store and other second hand sources.

We select only high quality items and carefully clean them, and love to give new life to items which deserve it! We will add in new components like lining and interfacing and only use new, high quality fasteners so that your items will have a long life.

Thank you for helping to reduce waste and keep these little treasures in use for a little longer - hopefully for a LOT longer!